2013 June

BB17 Karma Track Bike

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The BB17 Karma track frame geometry was inspired from the modern track racing bike, Features like short wheelbase, responsive but also stable and comfortable. The frame is an ideal bike for urban track riders.

7005-T6 Triple Butted tubes makes the frame lighter and stiff to give you control to transferring all your power to the road. ROUND-AERO down tube sharp and unique tapered seat stays to dissipate road shock for a smooth ride.

Colors available in : Matt Gray/Blue, Matt Black/Purple, Brushed Satin Finish with clearcoat/Yellow

More detail: http://breakbrake17.com/portfolio/bb17-karma-aluminum-track-frameset/

BB17 Karma Alu Track bike_1  BB17 Karma Alu Track bike_3 BB17 Karma Alu Track bike_4 BB17 Karma Alu Track bike_5 BB17 Karma Alu Track bike_6 BB17 Karma Alu Track bike_10 BB17 Karma Alu Track bike_13