2014 February

CSK Family Values Mixed Tape

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CSK Family Values Mixed Tape from CSK on Vimeo.


We put together a collection of clips from krew members, family, and friends from the California, SLC, BMORE, and Northwest Divisions to celebrate the release of our new jackets.

They are available online at collaredshirtkrew.bigcartel.com

Would like to extend a huge thanks to all of those that contributed clips, filmed, and encouraged along the way. It’s because of them and their support that this project has been able to continue. It’s a cooperative experience.

Riders in order of appearance:

Johnathan Ball, Alex Blanco, Gus Molina, Elliott Milner, Jonathan Davis, Justin Mitchell, Joe McKeag, Corey San Agustin, Matt Spencer, Evan Service, Jackson Bradshaw, Colin Foster, Sam Hanson, Kyle Fritz, Kareem Shehab, Nelson Bell, Chris Clappé, Jacob Ruff, Tyler Johnson