LISBON TO MARRAKESH – Hardbrakers Grandtour 2014 Trailer

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LISBON TO MARRAKESH – Hardbrakers Grandtour 2014 Trailer from Hardbrakers on Vimeo.


United by the common love for fast cycling with one gear only, the Hardbrakers hit the road yearly since 2012 for a mostly two-week “Grandtour”. Driven by wanderlust and longing for adventure they went from Lisbon to Marrakech in 2014. 1.900 km in 10 days on track bikes. Limits were tested and overcome. Countless tires were changed. The crew sweated in the desert sun and killed mile after mile. A sense of freedom. Regardless if in the desert, mountains, cities, on dirt roads or highways: one gear fits all!

A film by Philipp Lee Heidrich.

Song: Nalan381 – gitme

Congrats Alex Gonzalez took the first place at Red Bull Steep Crest 2014

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Repost from team rider Alex Gonzalez! He took 1st place in the fixed category at Red Bull Steep Crest 2014 multi-discipline down hill race in San Francisco yesterday afternoon & he is stoked!


Race Winners

MTB: Graeme Pitts
BMX: Nick Valencia
Fixed Gear: Alex Gonzalez
Long Board: William Royce
Skate: Elijah Caleb William


Photo VIA:  Red Bull Steep Crest



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Alex Gonzalez + BreakBrake17 from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.

Alex Gonzalez‘s Welcome to BreakBrake17 was filmed over the course of two days in San Francisco. Matt Reyes followed him around the city as tehy ripped around China Town, cleaned up trash down alleyways and bombed between the trolley tracks on California St. It’s rare to see people hopping around and doing track tricks on an aluminum frame. People now a days either ride track bikes built for speed or have transitioned into riding Fixed Freestyle. Alex is one of the few people who blends both styles of riding and shreds everywhere he goes. Stop reading, press play and enjoy.

Song : Eagulls – Nerve Endings

Repost VIA: WheelTalk