• mikey says:

    hey just wanted to know if you guys are planing on coming out with any new smaller frames.im asking cause im a big fan of bb17,i ride the charmer now but also looking for a new and smaller frame to ride

    • breakbrake17 says:

      Hello Mikey,

      thank you so much for your support, and we will have a new design come out in 2014. and we will take your suggestion for our new FGFS frame.


      Best regards.

      • mikey says:

        thanks for replying and also for the info.i don’t have any suggestions that pop into mined at the moment other then making it smaller.thanks again and keep up the good work

      • David Jay says:

        Pretty excited to see a new design for 2014. I have a 700c charmer now too and I love BB17 frames; the whole style of your bikes is so fresh. I do have a couple suggestions for frame geo on the 26″ though. I would love it if you guys shortened the chainstays about 10mm to 385, so I can really slam my rear wheel as much as possible. Also, I think the frame would benefit from a slightly shorter seat tube length as well. Maybe something in the range of 380-400mm? If you current frame had slightly tighter geo I would already be riding one, but for 26″ I have a small Unknown v2 and a Grime Ghost. Thanks for taking feedback, and for pushing the sport forward with dope ass equipment!

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