Alex Gonzalez

Im Alex Gonzalez, im 19 & i race track bikes as a hobby. I got my first fixed gear in 2009 as a mode of transportation. I currently live in Stockton, Ca & have been for about 6 years now. My home town is Modesto, Ca. What got me in to riding fixed is the environment, kids would have sessions in Sears parking lot like 30 deep just doing tricks having fun. I gave up skateboarding for a while since i made friends who were in to something a little different. Skateboarding is the root for any sport i have taken part in.

1. Do you own any other bikes besides your fixed gear?

Does a skateboard count?

2. Who are three musicians/bands that you have been listening to lately?

Ill give my top 6, these arent in a specific order:

*Big L

*Pimp C


*Mac Dre




3. What is a food that you could eat almost everyday?

I could eat a burrito or nachos from Tito’s taco truck on Pacific ave. & Douglas rd. every day. Payters grill is a good spot too!


4. What are you generally doing when you are not riding? Other obsessions or interests?

If im not on my bike riding or training for a race im usually working, i like to take trips with friends out of town for any reason. There isnt much to do in Stockton.


5. If you could move anywhere comfortably, where would it be and why?

This is a hard one there are a few places id like to live such as New York, San Francisco, London or Miami. Pretty much any major city with nice scenery that i wouldnt get tired of.